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INTJ                                WHITE                                    INFJ

Disciplined and independent, WHITES approach exercise with purpose and a plan.
They will experiment with different approaches from time to time, but are soon drawn
back to exercise they can make routine. Once there, they usually stay.
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Inventive, visionary, abstract

Independent, confident of their intuition

Attracted to complexity

“they just know”

Naturally introspective

Work alone or with a few trusted and competent colleagues

Receive visions rather than create them

“true trailblazers”

Intrigued by internal world; stimulated by their own mental musings

Seek order, organization and predictability; chaos is disturbing

Incompleteness destroys Whites’ concentration

Deliberate, slower-paced

Not usually carried away by external momentum and flow

Need time to reflect; don’t like to be rushed
Categories, control, disciplined, envision, hard-driving independent, intentional, orderly, organized, plan, predictable, repetitious, rhythm, routine, variety

Postponing starting

Unfamiliar environments

Disruption of routine

Being rushed

Favorite Activities
Biking, cardio, hiking, walking

Strength Training organized by muscle groups

Tai Chi

Yoga, dance, aerobic dance
Top 10 Tips for Whites
Shrink the plan and get started.

Commit to 10 minutes at first and build; unfinished workouts are ok

Organize types of exercise into categories. Try before you buy.

Select environments that aren’t distracting.

Schedule solitary activities and provide balance.

Designate time to plan ahead when on the road.

Get some portable equipment and plan around it.

Choose repetitive activities so the mind can safely drift.

Choose activities you can make routine.

Build buffer time on both sides to avoid feeling rushed.

Used with permission. The 8 Colors of Fitness, 2008. Suzanne Brute.

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