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Easily bored, SAFFRONS enjoy challenging activities with the right
combination of fun, freedom, and flow. Casual and spontaneous,
SAFFRONS find a sense of play is appealing.
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“still water runs deep”

Commands attention with intensity but in a warm, comfortable way

Easy going, casual, enjoyable and fun

Respond to opportunities as they emerge

Relaxed outer demeanor, but can be intense inside

Competitive with themselves more than with others


Often perfectionists

Easily bored; need flexibility

Need flow and rhythm

Unresponsive to coercion but will apply themselves with quiet commitment

Set difficult and often physically demanding goals and set out to accomplish them

Make choices based on internal analysis or values

Appreciate expert opinion, but weigh in with their own thoughts

Hold self expression close to their hearts
Challenge, convenient, flexible, flow, focus, freedom, fun, impromptu, intense, like-minded people, natural, options, play, self expression, strategy, unfussy


Ignoring physical needs and allowing other interests to trump physical activity


Perfectionism and self-criticism

Favorite Activities
Biking, spinning

Cardio and fitness classes

Dance, hiking, roller dancing

Martial arts, kickboxing

Skating, kickball

Walking, running, yoga
Top 10 Tips for Saffrons
Choose activities that allow you to focus on something else and get exercise along the way.

Take part in outdoor activities often.

Identify multiple convenient venues.

Respond to your need for flow. Minimize stops and starts.

Look for an unfussy gym where you will feel comfortable.

Choose activities that appeal to your fun, playful side.

Focus with iPod music.

Work alone beside others.

Train for an event, but one that allows you to stay positive and unstressed.

Choose activities that give enough distraction to calm your internal critic, i.e. “get out of your head.”

Used with permission. The 8 Colors of Fitness, 2008. Suzanne Brute.

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