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Conscientious, committed, and concerned with safety, Blues approach exercise dutifully and without internal debate. Highly attuned to their bodies, correct form is essential.
Blues follow programs that have been tested and proven effective.
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Loyal, dependable, traditional, straightforward

Modest, avoid focusing attention on themselves

Tend to underrate their abilities and accomplishments

Take care of details and implement plans others devise

Work systematically, step-by-step, avoiding sidetracks

Simple, non-nonsense execution, based on models and precedents

Answer conciselyTake in and store data

Excellent memories

Reference past when talking

Baffled by what other people forget

Focused on what they are doing, happy when they know what is expected and can move forward to completion without interruption

Conservative and neatly dressed – classics, coordinated
Commit, concentrate, correct, deliberate, details, document, dutiful, orderly, practical, proven, record, routine, safe, steadfast, straightforward, systematic

Safety concerns

Other duties that take priority

Over-stimulating or disorganized environment

Disruption of plan or routine

Favorite Activities
Cardiovascular machines



Swimming or other water sports


Weight Training
Top 10 Tips for Blues
Ensure safety.

Gather info from experts.

Choose gym that is calm and organized.

Make a commitment to yourself.

Schedule exercise in your planner.

Track progress and maintain records

When learning new routines, build slowly, ensuring correct technique at each stage.

Keep exercise plans plain and simple.

Use your powers of concentration to get in the zone. Use iPods or books on tape to create quiet.

Used with permission. The 8 Colors of Fitness, 2008. Suzanne Brute

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